Chris' Story

Chris was born August 26, 1994 to Bob and Polly Lenzen and his two older brothers, Kyle and Cory.  From day 1 Chris was the center of the Lenzen Household’s attention, whether he was making faces, pulling stunts, performing at school or competing in sports.  Chris began playing baseball at the age of 3 and his competitive nature drove him to participate in every sport that time allowed.  During his middle school years his interest in basketball grew and he graduated from Marquette High School having played four years of varsity baseball and basketball.  He was looking forward to playing intramural sports at Mizzou where he planned to complete a business degree and become a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  Chris dedicated much of his nearly nineteen years of life to growing friendships, which he drew from every part of his life.  On August 15, 2013 a tragic accident took his life, along with the lives of two of his close friends, Lauren and Kathleen Oliver.  Chris’s girlfriend, Olivia Dames, survived the accident but lost her three closest friends.  One year prior to the accident Chris had tweeted the following: “No matter who you lose this week, stay strong.  Because I can guarantee they will not forget you.”  #friendstayforever.  There is no doubt that Chris would want nothing more than all of his friends coming together, remembering him and competing in a sport that he loved.